Teaching and courses

Our courses are performed by very experienced cardiologists and radiologists carrying out Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance (CMR) for many years by themselves.

The main goal of Circle Institute is to provide trainings in CMR by experienced professionals. We aim to spread this diagnostic tool on a high level quality to guarantee for an efficient application.

Together with the AG Cardiac MR and the department of radiology of the Charité we have developed a concept for our courses which consistently adapts to the clinical routine. It is highly appreciated by both, Radiologists and Cardiologists.

We aim to teach the CMR expert knowledge in a very practice-oriented way, while ensuring each course to have a small number of participants. This guarantees a close and intensive communication with everyone.

CMR course - level 1

We will teach the basics of CMR. This includes the quantification of the cardiac function by using both, native tissue contrast and contrast enhanced MRI. On a clinical side we will focus on imaging myocardial infarction including vitality -assessments and inflammatory diseases.

  • Course providing practical experience
  • Discussed cases can be used to complete the logbook
  • Achievements will be certificated

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Innovative Techniques in CMR

Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance offers the chance to get new insights regarding myocardial tissue differentiation and noninvasive hemodynamics. New innovative quantitative techniques are entering the field.

This course will offer an introduction towards 4D-flow, parametric mapping and assessment of myocardial deformation using strain imaging based on cineimages. Experienced clinicians and scientist will introduce basic technical aspects and explain the current role in CMR. Furthermore, the case based discussion will take place. We are keen to share our current knowledge with you.

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Special course: CAD - interpretation of stress perfusion

CMR has become a very important and well established diagnostic tool in cardiology. Especially, stress perfusion in coronary heart diseases has gained a lot of importance during the last years, driven by improved techniques and good evidence from large studies.

  • One day course with practical experience on 20 clinical cases
  • Discussed cases can be used to complete the logbook
  • Achievements will be certificated

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Special course: parametric mapping

CMR has its unique capability to differentiate myocardial tissue even in non-ischemic heart diseases. Many imaging techniques developed for the differentiation of the myocardial tissue are applied on the clinical routine, already. The parametrical mapping has been used increasingly to quantify myocardial injury during the last years. For that purpose, it makes use of T1-, T2-, and T2* techniques.

  • One day course
  • Learning the method by using it on practical cases
  • Achievements will be certificated
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Special course: 4D Flow

In cardiovascular MRI non-invasive hemodynamics can be displayed three-dimensional and over time by 4D flow. This technique is becoming increasingly important in clinical routine in congenital and acquired heart defects. Besides visualization of hemodynamics, quantitative parameters can be evaluated. At the end of this course you will have mastered the basic principles of 4D flow measurement and analysis.

  • Two day course

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