Database training (Server-Training)

A special time-efficient and flexible way of teaching including studying on your on cases located on a server

This training is devided into one on site part (Block one) and a corresponding part including a guided case based teaching via the server (Block two)

All in all you will assess approximately 150 surveys independently.

Block I: 4-6 weeks (can be splitted)

On-site part

The training takes place during clinical survey on 4 days a week. We will review several basics together and you will be tought about the basic skills on one seminar day a week. (exeptions remain reserved).

The training will be conducted in two shifts (exepting the seminar day). You will recieve a time table in advance.

Accomplishments of the first block:

  • Examination protocols and independent analysis (including signal quantification)
  • Performing and analysing CMR-studies
  • Dealing with artefacts

Main focus:

  • Assessment of left and right ventricular function and anatomy
  • Coronary Artery disease: viability assessment, CMR stress test
  • Cardiomyopathy including inflammation
  • Valvular diseases
  • Participation in the discussion of examined cases

Block II 8 weeks (+/- 2 weeks)

Studying on your own on selected cases.

Within the Block II training you will get private access to a database located on a server and containing 50 prepared cases.

Please Note: Your hardware must meet the minimum system requirements to have easier access tot he server. The speed of access to the database depends on your broadband service. The analysis can be performed on both, Mac or PC.

Your case studies will be reviewed by either a member of our work group cardiac MRI or by an assosiated Reviewer (Level III center).

All colleagues beeing involved in your teaching are experienced in cardiac MRI for more then one year.

If you have any questions or problems during your assessment please contact us: